JAZZ POETRY ~ Volume 2 of a Series of Haikulisms


Volume Two of a Series of Haikulisms

Poet Ronald Joseph Kule renamed the word “haiku” and coined his, “Haikulisms.” (An obvious play on his surname)

Haikulisms are collections of haiku poetry designed to give pause from our hectic world and daily pace. One haikulism creates a daily oasis that cools and uplifts a hectic or boring daily routine. That is the poet’s purpose.

Each collection title focuses on a specific subject and gathers at least a score or more different haiku. This volume features jazz music based on the poet’s love affair with jazz music, which began at age eight by his discovery of, and subsequent listening for hours to, his dad’s vinyl collection of jazz master recordings.



alive blue diamonds

brushed by artist’s jazz music

forever in space


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Aruba ~ One Happy Island

During a recent visit to the island of Aruba, I attended a Public Relations Convention. One of our assignments – there were about 60 in our group – was to survey Arubans to determine what they like and on what, and whom, they do agree.

Aruba’s adopted motto is “One Happy Island,” which is printed on their auto license plates. Asking our surveys there, was easy work: Arubans are, indeed, one happy people!

Arubans love their soft, white-sand beaches and island tranquility. They would prefer that their island were larger. “My Mom” is who they trust most for advice, although spouses came in at second place.

Arubans prefer dance music with decidedly Latin sabor (flavor), but hip-hop nears the top.

Shop owners enjoy a solid rapport with tourists, which arrive almost daily by large ocean liners, when they shop in their stores and purchase their goods.

Later, we handed out to Arubans a non-religious, common-sense booklet containing 21 precepts for happy living, The Way to Happiness, and friendly, easy acceptances ruled the event.

The Way to Happiness booklet (http://TheWayToHappiness.org) has recently been instrumental in causing crime rates to drop as much as 60 percent in Colombia. It has been further adopted by military and police officials and forces on Margarita Island in Venezuela, as well as by Ecuador and Mexico, with similar results.

With the booklets in hand several Aruban recipients opted to become “ambassadors” for the booklet sponsored by local-favorite cruiseship Freewinds, agreeing to pass out more copies of the free booklet to island families, friends, neighbors and tourists.

Perhaps Happiness begins with a vacation trip or stop on the happy island of Aruba!