My Backstory — Fact or Fiction?

My haiku originates from the cauldron of a Master’s iron rule over a young Japanese boy who knew that he wanted to master the art.  Indeed, the inquiring lad grew to manhood and for two lifetimes endured his journey toward that goal. Today, writing haiku brings me inner joy and peace, no matter where I am.

My intent with haiku is to elicit from you a greater understanding than the sum of the meanings of each word or combination of words.  Words — mere symbols for concepts — as haiku can unleash understandings originated eons ago, revivified.  

This young apprentice takes liberties with his haiku, having coined the name “Haikulisms” (a play on his current name) for his work which embraces two universes: the external physical and the internal emotional.  

My collections of haiku,  Romance & Sensuality, Volume One of a series of poetry collections known as Haikulisms and Jazz Poetry, Volume Two... are available as eBooks at, or through my personal site as softcover books.

Copyright © 2010, 2012, 2015 by Ronald Joseph Kule. All Rights Reserved.

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